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Town of Torrington CT
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Planning & Zoning/Inland Wetlands Permits

Our permit applications are now available online, and can be viewed and printed directly from your computer by clicking the links below.

A general list of Zoning & Subdivision Fees are provided by clicking here.

An appeal form is needed to appeal the decision of the Zoning Enforcement Officer whether it is the interpretation of the regulations, issuance of a violation or denial/approval of a permit.  To appeal Planning and Zoning Commission, Inland Wetlands Commission, or Zoning Board of Appeals rulings requires the aggrieved party to file an appeal in Litchfield Superior Court.

A certificate of Zoning Compliance is a free document provided to a property owner, attorney, mortgage company, potential purchaser or other interested property to verify that there are no outstanding zoning violations on the property or that a change to the property (whether use or construction) does not require a zoning permit.

This application is needed anytime someone wishes to ask the Planning & Zoning Commission to change the zoning district of a certain area or parcel, thereby changing the official Zoning Map for the city.  A public hearing will be required.

This application is needed anytime someone wishes to ask the Planning & Zoning Commission to change the official Zoning Regulations.  A public hearing will be required.

This application/permit is required by FEMA for any activity taking place within a designated floodzone as illustrated on the FEMA Floodplain Maps for the City of Torrington.  The Zoning Enforcement Officer administers this permit under Section 7.2 Flood Hazard Regulations of the Zoning Regulations.

A grading permit is required under Section 7.3.2 & 3 of the Zoning Regulations for any grading, stripping, or other disturbance of an area except for agricultural use; where the area is less than 1/2 acre or is at a single family residence not part of a subdivision.  A bond is required for sedimentation and erosion controls.

An inland wetland permit is required for any activity taking place within 100 feet of a watercourse (intermittent or perennial, manmade or natural) or within 75 feet of a wetland soil type.  Two levels of permits are available: a full permit requires the applicant appear before the Inland Wetland Commission and takes about two months; and agent determination can be used for minor activities taking place at the fringe of the regulated area.  To determine which permit category your activity falls under, please speak to the Inland Wetlands Officer.

A location approval is required by the State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles for all licensed car dealers and/or repair shops and gas stations for changes to the area of the business or change in ownership.  All car dealers, gas stations and repair shops obtain their location approval through the Planning & Zoning Commission.

A sign permit is required for any new sign for a business or home occupation.  Please contact the Zoning Enforcement Officer to determine what type and size of sign is permitted for your property and circumstances.

A special permit is required for portable signs.  'A'-frame style portable signs are the only portable sign style that is permitted.  A Portable sign can be either permanent or temporary based on site conditions.  Contact the Land Use Office to determine which sign you qualify for.

A site plan is required per Section 8.4 of the Zoning Regulations for the construction, expansion, outside alteration, or change of use of any building or structure.  It is also required for the erection of any sign 32 square feet or greater, the alteration or expansion of a parking area or any change of use of the lot.  Only one, two and three family residences are exempt from Site Plan approval.  Please contact the City Planner for review of your proposed project and the applicability of the site plan approval process.

There is no fee for Architectural Review.  Architectural Review is required under Section 8.5 of the Torrington Zoning Regulations.  Architectural Review is required  for all site plan applications; all incentive housing applications; all changes to facades of non-residential buildings and all signs less than 32 square feet in size.

A Special Exception is required per Section 8.2 of the Zoning Regulations for uses that have a uniqueness and must be looked at on a case by case basis.  Please refer to the Section 3.1 Table of Uses to determine which uses require a Special Exception approval.  A public hearing is required.

A subdivision approval is required when dividing a parcel of land into three or more lots made subsequent to the adoption of subdivision regulations on February 16, 1956.  Subdivision requires a public hearing.  Resubdivision is included in subdivision approvals and relates to any change in a map of an approved or recorded subdivision if the change affects any street layout, diminishes the size of a lot and creates a new lot.  Please contact the City Planner for a consultation regarding a potential subdivision or resubdivision.

A variance allows for a modification or change to the zoning standards for a particular lot under specific circumstances that constitute a hardship.  Variances are not regularly given and are heard by the Zoning Board of Appeals in a public hearing setting.  Please contact the Zoning Enforcement Officer to determine if you have a valid hardship to apply for a variance.

Watershed Notification Form - For any activity taking place within the Metropolitan District Watershed, the applicant is required to fill out this notification form to the MDC. (Zone RWP on the east side of town)

A zoning permit is required for any erection, reconstruction or structural alteration of any building or structure; the movement of any building or structure upon or to any lot; the change of use of any land, building or structure; the arrangement or alteration of any area used for parking.  A zoning permit is required before a building permit can be issued.

These applications can be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat.  To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please click here.

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