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Town of Torrington CT
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Adjustments & Required Proof

*****IMPORTANT NOTICE:  THE TIME ALLOWED FOR PRO-RATE ADJUSTMENTS ON 2015 MOTOR VEHICLE TAX INCLUDING 2015 MOTOR VEHICLE SUPPLEMENTAL TAX  EXPIRES  DECEMBER 31, 2017.  NO prorate/adjustment may be made prior to the 2015 Grand List tax bill pursuant to CGS 12-71c(b).*****

Q -  "I received a tax bill and no longer own this vehicle. I transferred the marker plates to my replacement vehicle. What do I do?"

If you have transferred the marker plates from your October 1 vehicle to a new vehicle, between October 2 and September 30 of the following year, then your July bill is due in full and you are not entitled to an adjustment. You will receive an automatic credit on the Supplemental bill for the replacement vehicle when it comes out in December following.

Q -  "I donated, sold or junked the vehicle I owned on October 1.  What do I do?"

       If you donated, sold or junked a vehicle that you owned on October 1, you will need a copy of the CT DMV marker cancellation receipt and detailed documentation stating the vehicle was donated, sold or junked, the date and the year, make, model and         VIN of the vehicle.

Q - "The vehicle I owned on October 1, was repossessed.  What do I do?"

        If the vehicle you owned on October 1 is repossessed, you will need a copy of the CT DMV marker cancellation receipt AND a letter from the finance company stating the vehicle was taken back, the date of repossession, the year, make, model and                VIN of the vehicle OR a copy of the CT DMV marker cancellation receipt and a bill of sale or auction papers from the company stating the date, year,make, model and VIN of the sale of the vehicle.

Q - "I paid my July and/or December motor vehicle tax in full and the Assessor has issued an adjustment which reduced the amount of tax owed.  How do I get my money back?"

        If you have provided the Assessor's Office with sufficient proof, (see below) of disposal from your possession of a motor vehicle and cancellation of registration and you previously paid your July and/or December tax in full, and have no outstanding                taxes due, you should contact the Tax Collector's Office; 860 489-2209, press 6, to request a refund of overpayment form.  Only the Tax Collection Office can issue a refund for overpayment of taxes.

(for adjustment or pro-ration)

If a taxpayer has sold, junked, had stolen, totaled a motor vehicle or moved it out of State, it is his/her responsibility to contact the Assessor's Office and to provide the necessary paperwork in order to have the assessment prorated if applicable. See following:


        IF you have not already returned your plates to the DMV, or have lost them, you will need to contact the DMV, 860 263-5700 or immediately and cancel your registration BEFORE we can process your paperwork.
        IF you think you turned in your CT marker plate to the DMV, but cannot find your receipt, you may visit the DMV on-line, complete the information on the screen, check the agree box under signature and then click submit, you will recieve a copy via         email within 5 to 10 business days. Type the following URL address into your browser window:


If the vehicle was sold, stolen, junked, donated, or destroyed in an accident, the plate cancellation receipt PLUS one of the following:

•     A signed copy of the front AND back of the title showing the transfer of ownership OR a DMV bill of sale signed by both buyer AND seller
•     Letter from the insurance company on company letterhead stating that the vehicle was deleted from the policy, including the reason why the policy was canceled, identifying the vehicle or a copy of the accident report stating the vehicle was a TOTAL loss
•     Receipt from the junkyard identifying vehicle and date junked
•     Letter from insurance company showing you were compensated for stolen or totaled vehicle
•     Letter from the charity to which the vehicle was donated INCLUDING the date donated
•     Larceny report from the Police Department stating the date the vehicle was stolen and NOT recovered
***ALL proofs MUST contain a date, the vehicle year, make and vehicle identification number (VIN) of the vehicle.***

IF you moved to another state:
•     Copy of the registration from the new state for each vehicle which includes a clearly identifiable effective date of issue

IF you moved within the State of Connecticut:
*If you were living in Torrington on the assessment date (October1st), then the bill is due and payable to the City of Torrington.  You will be billed by the town where you now reside on the NEXT grand list.
•     Copy of your deed or lease establishing your residency BEFORE the assessment date of October 1st
•     Electric bill in your name at your new residence dated BEFORE the assessment date of October 1st

In all cases, any copies or documents that are submitted MUST BE LEGIBLE.  If we cannot read or determine what the information is on them, they will NOT BE ACCEPTED.

If you purchased a vehicle after the October 1 assessment date, you will be liable for the Supplemental tax on such vehicle in the town where you resided on October 1.


Owners of New Commercial Motor Vehicles that have NEVER been registered anywhere before may be eligible for an exemption for 100% of the assessment of the vehicle for a period of five years.  Per Connecticut General Statute §12-81(74), this exemption is available for vehicles fitting in one of the two following classifications: (i) for vehicles that were first registered on or after August 1, 1996,  have a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 26,000 pounds, and are used exclusively to transport freight for hire–certain qualification criteria is applied from the US DOT Code based on the use and materials transported; (ii) for vehicles that were first registered on or after August 1, 1999, have a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 55,000 pounds, and which are not qualified under clause (i).  For more information on the criteria that must be met in order to be eligible for this exemption, please contact the Assessor’s Office at (860) 489-2222. The application must be filed by November 1st in order to receive this exemption.


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