Veterans Exemption Information


State Veteran's Exemptions

The application period for the 2022 Grand List is February 1st - September 30, 2022Because October 1, 2022 is a Saturday, the last day to file timely this year is Friday September 30, 2022  by 12:30 p.m.

Veteran exemptions: If you are a veteran or an active duty service member but are not currently receiving a veteran's exemption, the first step is to file your DD-214 with the City Clerk's Office. Be sure to file a Member Form that includes your character of Service, or indicates an Honorable discharge. If you served during a recognized period of combat, (click on  link above,' Eligible Dates of War') you could be entitled to a $1500 assessment reduction. Your DD-214 must be filed by September 30th in order to receive the exemption beginning with that October 1st Grand List. If you are not able to locate your DD-214 discharge paperwork, you may request a copy by visiting, If you are a veteran who was disabled in combat, you may be eligible for an increased exemption. A recent letter from the Veteran's Administration that indicates the disability percentage must be presented in order to receive the increased exemption.

Veterans who are already receiving the base Veteran's Exemption for serving during recognized periods of combat or for a service-related disability may also be entitled to the Additional Veterans Exemption. This is a program that doubles the base exemption for veterans who have a limited income. Applicants are subject to the same income guidelines as the Elderly and Totally Disabled Homeowners Program, and must provide proof of income for the previous year, (2021 tax year) including Social Security 1099s. The filing period is February 1st to October 1st annually. The 2021 income limit for the State Additional Veterans' Program are - $38,100 single and $46,400 married. Those already on the program need to re-apply biennially.


Applicants who are eligible for the income-based Additional Veterans Exemption will also be eligible for the Local-Option Veterans Exemption. The 2021 income limits for the Local Option Veterans Program are $63,100 single and $71,400 married. The Local-Option Veterans Exemption will entitle them to an additional $20,000 of assessment reduction. Once a veteran has filed an application for the Additional Veterans Exemption, he will automatically receive an application in the mail every other year when it is time to refile. You must apply biennually, February 1st to September 30th. Because October 1, 2022 is a Saturday, the last day to file timely this year is Friday September 30, 2022  by 12:30 p.m.

**Please note, if you are filing between the months of February 1, 2022 through October 1, 2022 for any veteran's exemption, the exemption will be applied to the next succeeding Grand List. Example: February 1, 2022 through October 1, 2022 = 2022 Grand List.

GOOD NEWS  ****PUBLIC ACT 08-121****

Amended and effective July 1, 2008  AOA Exemption (click on 'AOA Exempt 1 Motor Vehicle' at the top of screen for printable Application)

Connecticut General Statute 12-81(53)(a) One motor vehicle belonging to, leased to or held in trust for, any member of the United States armed forces, if such motor vehicle is garaged inside or outside the state;

The above amended legislation applies to any Active Duty Veteran, serving in any branch of the Military may, by application, be eligible for a 100% exemption on one vehicle no matter where it is garaged. Applications are available at the Assessor's Office and must be filed no later than December 31st, following the date in which such tax was due. (July 1) For further information contact the Assessor's Office. (860) 489-2222