Fire Prevention Programs

The Fire Prevention School Program which - The Fire Marshal's office coordinates this annual program, reaching out to all elementary school aged children with assorted fire safety messages, such as "Stop, Drop and Roll", "Call 911" and "Never Play with Matches."

One of the reasons this program is so effective can be attributed to the unique ways in which the messages are conveyed. When fire fighters visit the schools they deliver their message via 'Freddy the Fire Engine' or by utilizing the 'Kid's Fire Safety House.' Freddy is a remote controlled engine with winking eyes and a moving mouth. Fire fighters utilize a headset to project their voices through Freddy, enabling them to communicate with the kids in an entertaining, but informative fashion.

The 30' Fire Safety Trailer is used to provide entire families with a realistic but safe message on fire safety. Designed to resemble a house, the trailer is comprised of props that provide a realistic lesson. This trailer is made available to all elementary-aged school children.

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Fire Prevention Programs Fire Prevention Programs

Torrington Fire Department Child Safety Seat Checks Program. We have Technicians on duty please call for appointments. The technicians will help with your car seat installation.


Fire Prevention Programs