E. Main Street Corridor Study

City of Torrington Seeks Public Input for E. Main Street Corridor Study
TORRINGTON CT –  SEPTEMBER 21, 2020 - The City of Torrington, in cooperation with the Northwest Hills Council of Governments, is conducting a corridor study of East Main Street (Route 202), which stretches from the heart of downtown to the New Hartford boundary. This section of road is not only the City’s western gateway, but also the economic center for the entire region.   
Over the past several years, commercial growth along the corridor and adjacent residential development has contributed to traffic congestion, and in turn, accidents are occurring with increasing frequency.   Additionally, safe pedestrian and bicycle options are limited throughout the corridor.
The City of Torrington and the Northwest Hills Council of Governments has successfully obtained a grant from the State Department of Transportation in order to conduct this corridor study which will analyze and evaluate traffic congestion, roadway safety, development opportunities, and pedestrian/bicycle issues along this corridor.   The BSC Group along with Good Earth Advisors has been selected to perform this work.   
A major part of this study includes hearing from the users of this corridor, including business owners, property owners, drivers, pedestrians, cyclists and any person visiting the corridor for any purpose.  
Prior to any recommendations being made, a thorough analysis of traffic circulation, safety, pedestrian facilities, and development, along with significant public outreach, will be conducted.  The results of these analyses, along with information received from the public, will provide a foundation upon which specific recommendations will be made.

Click HERE for more information or contact the City of Torrington’s Economic Development Director Rista Malanca at either 860-496-5920 or Rista_Malanca@torringtonct.org.