Street Sweeping to Begin April 16th

For Immediate Release


Date:         April 12, 2018


Contact:    Bill Mayers, Superintendent of Streets


Phone:      860-489-2352






Street sweeping for the City of Torrington will begin on Monday, April 16, 2018 at 7:00AM.


 Residents are urged to sweep off sidewalks and lawns, being careful to eliminate all foreign objects such as sticks, large stones and branches that could damage the sweeper.


It is recommended that debris not be swept into piles but left in windrow configuration.


We ask your cooperation in moving any cars parked on the street when the sweeper arrives, as each street will be swept once before any return trips to the same area.


Streets will be cleaned according to a geographic schedule but residents should be aware this process is time consuming as the sweepers must move slowly. 


Please do not call the Street Department to ask when your street will be swept.


The cooperation of all residents will help to make this process as efficient as possible.


Thank you.