Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of the City of Torrington, governed by federal regulations, consists of 430 apartments, some garden style, and others multi storied.   Made up of efficiency and one-bedroom; to accommodate singles, couples and handicapped persons with low to moderate income.  Flat rent available at all sites.  One small domestic pet allowed with certain restrictions.  

The Housing Authority has been in existence for over 60 years as of 2016.  Willow Gardens holds the distinction of being the state's first elderly complex.  Since its completion in 1960,  four additional developments have been built.  Thompson Heights; completed in 1965.  Laurel Acres; completed in 1968 with additional units in 1971.  Torrington Towers; completed in 1972 and Michael Koury Terrace; completed in 1983.  

Willow Gardens is located off Willot Street with 39 one-bedroom units.  Thompson Heights, located off Litchfield and Albert Streets contains 35 units.  Laurel Acres, located off Torringford West Street with 56 units.  Torrington Towers; located at the corner of Prospect and Summer Street with 200 units and Michael Koury Terrace located off Route 202 (East Main Street) with 100 units.  

The Housing Authority of The City of Torrington strives to provide safe, affordable housing to elderly, disabled, handicapped and other citizens in need.  

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Dr. Mario J. D'Angelo

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