Application Forms

Zoning Permit Applicaiton A zoning permit is required for any erection, reconstruction or structural alteration of any building or structure; the movement of any building or structure upon or to any lot; the change of use of any land, building or structure; the arrangement or alteration of any area used for parking. A zoning permit is required before a building permit can be issued.  

The Planning and Zoning Commission has multiple applicaiton forms, depending on the type of applicaiton you are submitting.  Here is a list of all Planning and Zoning Applications

Inland Wetlands Application Form is required for any "Regulated Activity" within 75' of a Wetland or 100' of a Watercourse

The two funcions of the Zoning Board of appeals have seperate applications for variances request and for appeals of  Zoning Enforcement Officer decision. 

Zoning Board of Appeals - Variance 

Zoning Board of Appeals - Appeal