Martin J. Connor, AICP

Martin J. Connor, AICP

City Title(s):   City Planner

Department:   Land Use/Planning Department



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Job Description:   Administers Comprehensive Development Plan through effective implementation of the planning (subdivision and Plan of Conservation and Development), zoning, and wetlands programs and land use controls; to manage, supervise and coordinate the activities and responsibilities of the Planning and Zoning and Wetlands staff.

  1. Directs the day-to-day operations and staff of the Planning and Zoning and Wetlands Department.
  2. Coordinates all activities and provides guidance, assistance and recommendations to the Planning & Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Inland Wetlands Commission, and the Architectural Review Committee.
  3. Evaluates, reports and recommends on the updating of the Comprehensive Plan of Development and elements thereof (i.e., zoning regulations and map, subdivisions).
  4. Evaluates and recommends updates and amendments to the Torrington Plan of Conservation and Development, in accordance with Sec. 8-23 of the Connecticut General Statutes.
  5. Prepares reports, recommendations and resolutions on subdivisions, rezoning applications, special permit requests and other development proposals, including recommended bonding amounts to insure integrity of completed work.
  6. Initiates and/or works with consultants on special studies and projects related to general land use, housing, transportation, conservation, recreation, rehabilitation and historic preservation.
  7. Provides the general public, city, state and federal agencies with information regarding Torrington’s development activities and policies.
  8. Manages all inland wetlands administration and enforcement activities under both state and local regulations.
  9. Initiates pre-submission staff review process of all major applications (inter-departmental review with regard to suitability and conformance of the plans to City regulations and each agency’s requirements),conducts pre-construction conferences with applicable city agents and developers prior to start of projects.
  10. Supervises staff in the implementation of state and locally mandated soil erosion and sedimentation control measures for development of approved projects.
  11. Administers Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Flood Insurance program; implements same through granting, modifying or denying permits within federally regulated Flood Hazard areas.
  12. Prepares annual department operating budget and Capital Expense requests; supervises administrative staff in the implementation of same.
  13. Attends meetings of the Planning & Zoning Commission, Architectural Review Committee and Flood & Erosion Control Board, and acts as liaison to other City agencies, boards and commissions.
  14. Meets with developers and other members of the public upon request.
  15. Prepares and presents all Commission-initiated concepts and changes to Zoning Regulations and maps.
  16. Directs Department staff in the implementation of land use enforcement.
  17. Directs the organization, management and preservation of all Department records.

Year of Employment:   1999

Other Roles - Boards, Commissions & Certifications:   

  • Certified Member of the American Institute of Certified Planners 
  • Certified Zoning Enforcement Officer - Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officers
  • 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient of Connecticut Federation of Planning and Zoning Agencies for 25 over years of service 
  • 2016 NW CT YMCA Legacy Award Recipient
  • Named 1997 Connecticut Statewide Inland Wetlands Agent of the Year by CT Association of Conservation and Inland Wetlands Commissions, Inc.
  • Past President Connecticut Association of Zoning Enforcement Officers
  • Charter Member of Connecticut Association of Wetlands Scientists
  • Member CT Chapter of the American Planning Association, Currently serving on the Legislative & Awards Committees
  • Past President and current member of the Board of Directors, Northwest CT YMCA
  • EMHS Long Term Recovery Coordinator for Region 5
  • Torrington's Long Term Emergency Management Coordinator
  • Level II Certified Instructor Certification - Professional Ski Instructor Association 

What do you like to do outside of work?:   Traveling with my wife Janice as well as skiing, running, swimming, and photography.

Mini Biography / Personal Statement:   I have been doing Planning, Zoning and Inland Wetlands work in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut for over 29 years. I have a real passion for skiing, seeking snow in the summer in faraway places such as Las Lenas, Argentina, Valle Nevada and Portillo, Chile. I have taught skiing at Mohawk Mountain, in Cornwall CT for over 27 years and enjoy a couple of weeks each winter skiing out west. (Always leaving my wife at home to deal with what is usually our biggest snowstorm of the season.) I enjoy photography and learned a little something about photography while training as a crime scene photographer/evidence technician in my former job as a Police Officer in the Detroit, Michigan area. My favorite photography subject is my lovely wife Janice. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan I am a graduate of Wayne State University with a degree in Business Management. I am an avid runner, exercising with my running partners several times per week year round and competing in local road races primarily so that I can eat ice cream for dessert without suffering from a lot of guilt. I proudly serves on the NWCT YMCA Board of Directors and the CT Chapter of American Planning Association’s Legislative and Awards Committees. I currently serve as Chairman of the Goshen Fire Commission.

Nickname:   Marty

Pets / Pets Names:   

Favorite Quote:   "Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men's blood and probably themselves will not be realized." Daniel Burnham

Favorite Band/Music:   Smooth jazz

Favorite Movie: