Public Works (fka: Street Department)

The Street Departments primary responsibility is the maintenance and repair of approximately 180 miles of city roads, streets and bridges. This work is prioritized using a pavement management system and includes annual rebuilding of roads, overlays and surface treatments such as chip sealing and micro paving. The Street Department also assists with the construction of new roads and streets.

Other responsibilities include the plowing and sanding of roads and municipal property to remove snow and ice. City streets and roads are also swept seasonally. In addition, storm drainage systems are installed utilizing concrete and plastic pipe and precast concrete catch basins. Storm manholes and catch basins are replaced or repaired when necessary. Other functions include tree removals, tree trimming, brush control, pothole patching, storm drain cleaning and roadside mowing.

Staff Contacts


Superintendent of Streets

(860) 489-2352

Tim Cote- Assistant Superintendent of Streets

(860) 489-2332