Automated Trash Collection

In October 2003, the City of Torrington tried picking up trash a whole new way. Each resident involved in the pilot program was provided with a wheeled container specifically designed for automated collection. Residents placed their bagged trash in the receptacle and wheeled it to the curb for collection. The pilot program proved to be extremely successful with over 95% of the residents in favor of automated collection.

Beginning the week of November 1, 2004, the City of Torrington will begin citywide automated refuse collection. The automated collection of refuse will begin on the same day as refuse is currently scheduled for pickup.

In October, City staff and contractors will deliver acceptable residential refuse containers to each city residence receiving curbside refuse collection. Each container will come with informational literature describing the program and use of the container. Please read the information and visit our Solid Waste website. If you have any questions you can also give us a call at 489-2232. Residents are requested NOT to use the container until the week starting November 1, 2004.

Do Not Use The Container Until The Week Of November 1, 2004

This new automated collection system will provide better service to our residents and reduce the chance of worker injuries, but it can only succeed with participation from our residents. Please read through the information below and visit our website for additional information. The City of Torringtons pilot program enabled us to experience first hand how an automated refuse collection system functions and adapt the system to our unique situations.

Conversion to automated collection requires the use of a uniform type of refuse container by all residents. The City of Torrington is in the process of distributing acceptable containers to all residential households. Each residential unit will receive one 96-gallon wheeled cart capable of storing the equivalent of three standard sized trash barrels worth of waste. Any resident that feels they will not need the large 96-gallon cart may request a smaller 64-gallon or 48-gallon cart, but remember all refuse must be contained in the cart to be collected. If you would like to request an additional 96-gallon container you may do so at an annual fee equal to the cost of servicing the cart (currently $125.00/year).

All refuse Must Be In The Cart Provided or it will not be collected.

Typical questions and answers are also included for your assistance. If you have any unanswered questions regarding the new containers please call 489-2232. Our Public Service Announcement is available for viewing or downloading.