Disclaimer - Pay Bills Online


***If you are paying your Motor Vehicle taxes late and you need a release for the Department of Motor Vehicles to register ANY vehicle in your name immediately, payment must be made in CASH in our office or with our ONLINE PAYMENT portal. There are fees associated with this online payment service we offer. See this link for more information. DMV's new online services no longer allow us to issue paper releases. See the following link for further information. No checks of any kind will be accepted for an immediate release. If you want to pay with a check, you will have to wait ten (10) business days for a release or prove to us that your check has cleared your bank by supplying us with a copy of the front and back of your cancelled check. ***Please note, the online payments made outside of our office on your own computer will be released on the next business day. Please call our office for our assistance with this process. Releases do not occur automatically at the DMV.***

Per Connecticut General Statute Sec.12-144b, payments must first be applied to the taxpayers oldest outstanding obligation on a specific piece of property.

Taxpayers are responsible for keeping their own tax payment information in the form of a checkbook register, tax receipts, or tax bills. The tax statement (bill) that is sent to you details tax payments, and is designed to be retained by the taxpayer for their own records and specifically, for use in preparing federal and state income taxes. Every taxpayer paying in person is issued a receipt. Information on real estate taxes that are paid from escrow accounts are sent to the taxpayer directly from the taxpayer’s escrow agent. Please bear in mind the information contained on the following website and its pages is obtained from our municipal database. In the event of a discrepancy between the information displayed on this website and the information contained in the database maintained by the municipality, those maintained by the municipality shall prevail. No errors on this website excuse or lessen a user's actual tax liability. If you feel your tax liability or other information presented is in error, please contact the Tax Collection Office.