Blight Task Force

Welcome!  As the City of Torrington works to combat the issue of blighted properties, please utilize this page for information on what constitutes blight, to report a blight complaint, or to find out more information on the process.  The Property Maintenance ordinance, commonly known as the blight ordinance, was recently updated in September, 2017.  Updates included the creation of a blight enforcement officer, and included greater enforcement powers for the City to enforce the  ordinance and help keep our neighborhoods welcoming, safe, and presentable. 

To submit a blight complaint, please click Here.  

To view the ordinance, please click Here

Blight Task Force

Corporation Counsel

William Baldwin

Police Chief

Building Official

City Planner

Fire Marshal

Director of Economic Development

Blight Enforcement Officer

Assistant City Planner/Zoning Enforcement Officer

Public Works Director

Robert Rubbo

Director, Torrington Area Health District

Tax Collector

Hearing Officers

James Steck

Blight Appeals Hearing Officer

Timothy Waldron

Blight Appeals Hearing Officer