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The Torrington Assessor's office primary mission is to discover, list, and value all taxable and non-taxable real property, business personal property, and motor vehicles annually within the city pursuant to all applicable Connecticut General Statutes. This function involves maintaining accurate configurations of land and ownership, and establishing valuations upon which the city levies its property taxes. The office provides important mapping, parcel data, and ownership/assessment information and assistance to taxpayers and government agencies.

Assessments are compiled annually into a document known as the Grand List. We strive to develop values with fairness and impartiality in accordance with the laws of the State of Connecticut. The individual assessments in the Grand List distributes an individual taxpayer's property tax liability. The office also administers many State and local tax exemption programs.

A wide range of professionals and individual taxpayers use the assessor's office. We are committed to providing accurate information in a timely and courteous manner. Appraisers, attorneys, real estate agents, developers, title searchers, Federal agencies and State agencies frequently reference the information contained on our assessment records. Information of particular importance includes updated ownership information, current real property sales data, updated parcel tax maps, permit tracking, new construction inspections, and other current property characteristics including zoning, utilities, and any building data, on a daily basis.

Customer Volume

The office generated approximately $292 in copying fees (e.g. copies of property record cards, tax maps, etc.) for 2022, including sales of grand list CD's, and other custom queries that was turned into the city's General Fund. Most of this revenue literally comes across the counter $1 at-a-time and represents the large volume of customers we serve throughout the year. We wrote approximately 2,268 Certificate of Corrections from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022. Most of which were motor vehicle related and again represents the large volume of taxpayers we deal with on a personal basis.

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(860) 489-2222 ext. 1351

All aspects of Real Estate, Motor Vehicle and Personal Property

Deputy Assessor

(860) 489-2222 ext. 1222

All aspects of Real Estate, Motor Vehicle and Personal Property

Senior Secretary

(860) 489-2222 ext. 1263

Personal Property Specialist, Local Option Freeze, Motor Vehicle and Real Estate

Senior Secretary

(860) 489-2222 ext. 1264

Real Estate Transfer Specialist, Exemption Programs and Motor Vehicle

Senior Secretary

(860) 489-2222 ext. 1262

Motor Vehicle Specialist , Real Estate, and Exemption Programs