Planning & Zoning Commission

NEWS UPDATE:  BEGINNING MONDAY, 3/18/24, ALL ZONING PERMIT APPLICATIONS, SIGN PERMIT APPLICATIONS AND SITE PLAN APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE DONE THROUGH THE OPENGOV PORTAL:                   (Any other permit application, please print and complete the application and submit to Land Use Office.)

The City of Torrington Planning and Zoning Commission performs two unique and separate duties - Planning and Zoning.

The Planning Function consists of preparing plans for the development of the City that identify appropriate land uses including residential, commercial, industrial and specialized purposes. It also includes recommending locations for thoroughfares, parks and other public improvements. It also acts as an arm of the State for the approval of automobile establishment locations.

The Zoning Function regulates use and development of land, including height and setback limits for construction, minimum building lot size, and parking space, sign and landscape requirements. The staff actively performs inspections for zoning permits issued, enforces the zoning regulations by issuing violations as necessary, issues zoning certificates of compliance and checks compliance when approving certificates of occupancy.

Following is a list of regulations and applications used in association with the Planning & Zoning Commission and their authority:

  • Zoning Regulations
  • Subdivision Regulations
  • Zoning Permit Application
  • Sign Permit Application
  • Zoning Certificate of Compliance
  • Site Plan Application
  • Special Exception Application
  • Subdivision/Resubdivision Application
  • Grading Permit
  • Floodplain Permit
  • Change of Zone or Regulations
  • Location Approval for Automobile Dealer or Repairer License

last updated 11/21/15

Commission Members

Gregory Mele


Gregory Perosino

Vice Chair

Donna Greco


Donovan Riley


James Bobinski


Starley Arias


Diane Carroll


Tom Telman


City Planner

Ex-Officio Member