Finance Department

The Finance Department of the City of Torrington currently consists of the Treasurer’s, Comptroller’s, and Purchasing Agent’s offices.  All financial activity for the City of Torrington (excluding the Board of Education) is maintained and monitored by employees of the Comptroller and Treasurer offices.  All revenues, Small Cities Grant activities, bond issues, bond payments and wire transfers are processed and recorded by the Treasurer and the Assistant Treasurer. All vendor, payroll, and pension payments, as well as benefits administration and general ledger activities are processed by the comptroller’s staff. This office is also the central location for the annual independent audit as well as the annual budget process.

All purchases of services, supplies and materials through the purchase order process (excluding the Board of Education) are made by the purchasing department by authority of the City Charter through competitive bidding and negotiations.  Orders for materials and services over $10,000 are procured through a sealed bid process and are posted on the City of Torrington’s website while orders under $10,000 are procured using quotes, proposals and other methods from qualified sources, through negotiation and /or price comparisons from multiple vendors. 

Staff Contacts



(860) 489-2204

Deputy Comptroller

(860) 489-2521

Manager of Budgets & Planning

(860) 489-2206

Senior Account Clerk (Payroll)

(860) 489-2205

Purchasing Agent

(860) 489-2225

Senior Account Clerk (AP)

(860) 489-2306

City Treasurer

(860) 489-2334

Deputy Treasurer

(860) 489-2214