Woodridge Lake Sewer District Sewer Discharge Permit Filed

Informational Meeting & Public Hearing Scheduled

The Woodridge Lake Sewer District has filed its application for a sanitary sewer discharge permit which would allow them to connect to the City of Torrington sewer system via a proposed route along Route 4.   The stated reason for the application is “resolution of CT DEEP Consent Order”


As promised over the past several months, an informational meeting has been scheduled for the purposes of allowing DEEP, The Department of Public Health,  Woodridge Lake Sewer District, Torrington Water Company, Torrington Public Works Department, and the Torrington Water Pollution Control Department to provide vital information relative to the impacts this request will have on our system.


The City Council acting as the Water Pollution Control Authority is required by State law to hold a public hearing to allow the public an opportunity to submit comments before any decisions are made relative to the application.  This public hearing and the final determination must be made within 65 days of the application.  Should there be any delay in the process, the statute does allow for two extensions of additional 65-day periods for the Board to make it final determination.

The Public Hearing has been scheduled for Wednesday, January 31st at 6:30 p.m. beginning with an informational session. This will take place in the City Hall Auditorium, 140 Main Street.