Single Stream Recycling

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Single-Stream Recycling:

Beginning in July, 2009 Torrington City residents started Single-Stream Recycling using new 96-gallon blue recycle carts. Recycling is an important part of our effort to build a cleaner, greener Torrington. Now it will be even easier than ever with Single-Stream Recycling. Instead of separating your bottles, cans, jars and paper, you can now place all these items in one container for collection.

Recycling in One Bin - Same Day as Regular Trash - Every Other Week:

Torrington is now Single Stream Recycling – All recyclable items are collected in one recycle container and picked up every other week on your regular trash collection day. Regular garbage collection including bulk trash (furniture and appliances) is still collected weekly. To find out what week your recyclables will be collected for your streets please click on the links to see our 2020 Recycling Calendar and Street Listing. The Recycling Schedule can be printed with your weekly pickup highlighted for quick and easy reference, just click on the links above cycling Schedules.

Have a question on what can be recycled?  Visit to find out! 

The 2021 Recycling Calendar can be downloaded at:

  • 2021 Recycling Calender
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