Clerk Fees Schedule


Land Records (CGS Sec. 734a):  Click here for Land Records Information


Fee Amount

Additional Fees

Recording Documents

$60.00 first Page

$5.00 each subsequent page or portion.


$2.00 each transfer reportable to State

$5.00 if current mailing address of grantee not given


$1.00 if names of those executing, witnessing and acknowledgment are not typed or printed under signature

Recording Maps



$30.00 if subdivision of 3 or more parcels


MERS Assignment or Release

$159.00 flat fee


Other MERS (e.g. Mortgage)

$159.00 first Page

$5.00 each subsequent page or portion.


Conveyance Tax (CGS Sec. 12-494):  Click here for Conveyance Tax Information.







Copies, certified copies (CGS Sec. 7-34a):

DescriptionFee AmountAdditional Fees

Land Records

$1.00 per Page

$2.00 for the Cerfification


$1.00 per Page


Use of Hand-Held Scanner

$20.00 per Occasion



Misc. Filing Fees:

DescriptionFee Amount

Trade Name Certificate


Liquor Permit Registration



Vital Statistics (CGS Sec. 7-73, 7-74, 7-76):

DescriptionFee Amount

Birth Certificate Short-form (Wallet), Certified


Birth Certificate Full-size Certified


Burial or Removal permit


Cremation permit


Death Certificate-Certified Copy


Marriage License


Marriage Certificate-Cerfified Copy



Freedom of Information (CGS Sec.1-15):

DescriptionFee Amount

FOI Copies

$ 0.50 per page


Notaries Public (CGS Sec. 7-34a,3-94n, 3-94o):

DescriptionFee Amount

Per Signature


Notary Registration



Dog Licenses (Sec.22-338 thru sec.22-352):

DescriptionFee Amount

Neutered male


Spayed female


Male or Female


Late Licensing Fee penalty

$1.00 per month or fraction thereof

Transfer of Ownership

$1.00 for new license/tag if already licensed

Lost Tag


Change of Residence (town)


Kennel Licenses

$51.00 - includes up to 10 tags

Guide DogFREE