J. Brett Simmons

City Title(s):   Superintendent of Parks & Recreation

Department:   Parks & Recreation

Phone:   (860) 489-2274

Email:   BRETT_SIMMONS@Torringtonct.org

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Job Description:       Researches, recommends and takes initiative and leadership role in developing innovative and modern programs and facilities for the City of Torrington. Initiates, plans, administers and executes programs and policies established with the approval of the Parks and Recreation Commission.  Directs and supervises staff in accordance with polices of the Public Works Department; plans for the maintenance and construction of park facilities; makes recommendations for the equipment needs of the department and the performance of scheduled maintenance for buildings, property and equipment.

Responsible for the development, organization and supervision of a diversified program of recreational activities and services. Schedules facilities for all uses, activities and programs. Supervises all recreational personnel.  Maintains records of departmental activities, services, personnel, and property; prepares and submits regular and special reports regarding park planning and department activities to Parks and Recreation Commission; supervises and provides direction to volunteers and seasonal employees in the various City wide recreation programs.

Recruits and recommends the employment of personnel subject to approval by the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Personnel Department’s policies and procedures; organizes, trains and assigns personnel; provides direction to outside contractors; coordinates and communicates effectively with other Department Heads.

Directs, controls and accounts for the expenditure of department funds in accordance with budget appropriations; prepares annual budget estimates; pursues available grants; purchases equipment and supplies; recommends the establishment of necessary fees for various programs and services.  Implements sound financial accounting controls and a secure fee collection system.

Anticipates, assesses and develops plans for the recreational needs of the City regarding open space utilization and land use feasibility.  Reviews and evaluates proposed and current park facility layouts and designs; makes formal recommendations and presentations as to their effectiveness.  Studies trends, needs and conditions of recreational programming and makes recommendations to develop their effectiveness.

Maintains awareness of new developments in the parks and recreation fields through continuing education, seminars, literature and membership in related organizations.  Researches and writes grants.

Attends events and functions as required.  Responsible for being an effective and professional public relations representative for the department.  Interprets the community recreation program to the public through public speaking, media coverage, literature, and other suitable means.  Recruits and utilizes volunteers and staff members; establishes and maintains cooperative planning and working relationships with public agencies; private groups and other community organizations concerned with recreation, parks, and related fields of interest.

Year of Employment:   2009

Other Roles - Boards, Commissions & Certifications:

  • New England Park Association Member- 2002-05, 08- Present
  • Connecticut Recreation and Park Association – 2009 - Present
  • National Recreation & Parks Association Member- 2002- Present
  • Connecticut Parks Association Member – 2008 – Present
  • Executive Board/Treasurer - Connecticut Parks Association –2014- 2016
  • Executive Board/Vice President - Connecticut Parks Association – 2016- Present
  • Executive Board/2nd Vice President – New England Park Association – 2010- 12
  • Executive Board/1st Vice President – New England Park Association – 2012- 14
  • Executive Board/President – New England Park Association – 2014-16
  • Executive Board/Past President – New England Park Association – 2016-Present
  • Certified Park and Recreation Professional- 2003 – Present

What do you like to do outside of work?:   Spending time with family and friends; watching my two sons play sports; going to the beach in the summer.

Mini Biography / Personal Statement:


Pets / Pets Names:   Fenway (My kids named our cat Fenway because I am the only Red Sox fan in a house full of Yankees fans.)

Favorite Quote:   

Favorite Band/Music:   Country Music