***Please read the following important information and click on the word ACCEPT at the bottom of the page to proceed. ***

***NOTE: PAYING WITH AN E-CHECK or CREDIT/DEBIT INCLUDES NON-REFUNDABLE FEES IF YOU PAY AT HOME  OR  IN OUR OFFICE.*** The Torrington Tax Collector’s office receives no portion of this non-refundable service fee. This fee is used to cover the payment processing expenses.

As owners of property in the State of CT, taxpayers are responsible to know when their taxes are due.

Per CT SS 12-130, failure to have received a bill does not exempt the taxpayer from payment of all taxes, interest charges, and collection costs. Per CT SS 12-146, interest is charged to all late payments. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Payments for real estate taxes, motor vehicle taxes, personal property taxes and/or sewer usage fees by an E-Check (Electronic Check/ACH payment) is $0.95. You may also pay your taxes/sewer usage fees with a credit or debit card for a fee of 2.65% of your payment (minimum $1.50). These fees are non-refundable.

Payments processed online are not immediately reflected. These payments will be updated three (3) business days after paying online.

The information contained on the following page is public information. The City of Torrington’s goal is to provide this information to taxpayers and their agents to facilitate timely tax payments and to search for tax information. If you choose to pay your taxes using this online portal, there are convenience fees associated. Go to Payment Options for more information.

Motor vehicle taxes: If you are paying these taxes LATE and need a release for the CT DMV to register any vehicle in your name immediately, payment must be made in CASH in our office or this ONLINE PAYMENT portal using credit/debit only. No checks will be accepted for an immediate release. If you want to pay with a check, you will have to wait ten (10) business days for a release or provide the tax office with a copy of the front and back of your check to prove it has cleared your bank. ***Please note, online credit/debit card payments made through our partnership with MuniciPAY will be released at the DMV and updated on this website after three (3) business days. Please call (860) 489-2209 x6 or email: if you need an immediate release upon payment. ***Any other DMV compliance issues you might have must be handled with the State of CT Department of MVs and not our office. ***

Real estate taxes and/or sewer usage fees: If you are paying your Real Estate taxes and/or Sewer Usage fees late and you need a recorded lien released immediately, payment must be made in CASH in our office. No checks or online payments will be accepted for an immediate lien release. All other liens will be released a full three weeks after payment has been posted. No exceptions will be allowed.

Per CT SS 12-144b, payments for all property taxes and/or sewer usage fees must first be applied to the taxpayer’s oldest outstanding obligation on a specific piece of property.

If your Sewer Usage Bill is escrowed, please send it to your mortgage company immediately. If you are not sure, contact them. Otherwise, it is payable as it states on the bill.

Sewer Usage fees (a utility in the law) are NOT public information per CT state statute. We have made it possible for you, the homeowner, to view and/or pay your bill(s) online by providing a special 12-digit unique ID # on your bill.

After you click ACCEPT below, it will take you to our search page for both Tax Bills and Sewer Usage Bills. You must click on the words entitled SEWER/WATER/MISC at the top of the screen in the blue bar until these words are highlighted yellow to search and/or pay your sewer usage bill. Enter in your 12-digit unique ID #, including the hyphen, to search for your property’s information. Ex: 0123456-55555  **There is a convenience fee for this service.** Please click on the link below entitled Tax Payment Options and Electronic Payment fees for more details.

Please note all returned/bounced payments will incur a $20 fee.

References and additional information:

1.)    Tax Payment Options and Electronic Payment Fees

2.)    Online Partial Payments

3.)    City of Torrington Property Tax Information

**All fees associated with paying online are non-refundable**