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The information contained on the following page is public information. The City of Torrington’s goal is to provide this information to taxpayers and their agents in order to facilitate timely tax payments and to search for tax information. If you choose to pay your taxes using this online portal, there are convenience fees associated. Go to Payment Options for more information. Payment information is updated nightly. Those using this application should recognize that it is possible that they may not be able to find all of the information they are seeking. For example: if a taxpayer’s name is misspelled; if a taxpayer has more than one customer ID number supplied to us by the DMV; if a street address is spelled in a different variation (ex., E Main Street instead of East Main Street), etc. Therefore, it is possible that in spite of your best efforts to search, and in spite of our best efforts to provide the information, you may not locate all of the bills you are looking for. If you cannot find what you are looking for by searching one way, we suggest searching another way (for example, first by name, then by address). If you are seeking a definitive answer as to what or how much you owe, there is no substitute for speaking one on one with a tax collector’s office employee. If you are seeking detailed payment history, there is no substitute for the receipt you were issued at the time you made your payment. In the meantime, we would appreciate feedback on the online tax look up system in order to better serve those who use it.

If you are paying your Motor Vehicle taxes late and you need a release for the Department of Motor Vehicles to register ANY vehicle in your name immediately, payment must be made in CASH in our office or with our ONLINE PAYMENT portal on our website. There are fees associated with this online payment service we offer. Go to Payment Options for more information. DMV's new online services no longer allow us to issue paper releases (Go to the DMV's website for further information regarding this issue - DMV - No Paper Releases - 11/16/2015 ). No checks of any kind will be accepted for an immediate release. If you want to pay with a check, you will have to wait ten (10) business days for a release or prove to us that your check has cleared your bank by supplying us with a copy of the front and back of your canceled check. ***Please note, the online payments made through our partnership with Invoice Cloud will be released at the DMV and updated on our website within two business days. Please call or email our office if you need an immediate release [call (860)489-2209 or email]. Releases do not occur immediately at the DMV.*** Any other compliance issues you might have must be handled with the DMV and not our office.

Per Connecticut General Statute Sec.12-144b, payments must first be applied to the taxpayers oldest outstanding obligation on a specific piece of property.

Taxpayers are responsible for keeping their own tax payment information in the form of a checkbook register, tax receipts, or tax bills. The tax statement (bill) that is sent to you details tax payments, and is designed to be retained by the taxpayer for their own records and specifically, for use in preparing federal and state income taxes. Every taxpayer paying in person is issued a receipt. Information on real estate taxes that are paid from escrow accounts are sent to the taxpayer directly from the taxpayer’s escrow agent. Please bear in mind the information contained on the following website and its pages is obtained from our municipal database. In the event of a discrepancy between the information displayed on this website and the information contained in the database maintained by the municipality, those maintained by the municipality shall prevail. No errors on this website excuse or lessen a user's actual tax liability. If you feel your tax liability or other information presented is in error, please contact the Tax Collection Office.

If your Sewer Usage Bill is escrowed, please send it to your mortgage company immediately. If you are not sure, contact them. Otherwise, it is payable as it states on the bill.

Sewer Usage fees (a utility in the law) are not public information per the state statutes. We have made it possible for you, the homeowner, to view and/or pay your bill(s) online by providing a special 12-digit unique ID # on your bill. After you accept our disclaimer below, it will take you to our search page for both Tax Bills and Sewer Usage Bills. You must click on the words entitled SEWER/WATER/MISC at the top of the screen in the blue bar until they are highlighted yellow to search and/or pay your sewer usage bill. Enter in your 12-digit unique ID #, including the hyphen, to search for your property’s information. Ex: 0123456-55555  **There is a convenience fee for this service. Please click on the link below entitled Tax Payment Options and Electronic Payment fees more more details.

Please note all returned/bounced payments will incur a $20 fee.

References and additional information:

1.)    Tax Payment Options and Electronic Payment Fees

2.)    Online Partial Payments

3.)    City of Torrington Property Tax Information

**All fees associated with paying online are non-refundable**