Assessor's Office Programs

Programs administered through the Assessor's office:

  • Elderly/Disabled Homeowners Credit  (EHO)                      
  • Local Option Tax Freeze                         
  • State Veterans Exemption                                
  • Local Option Veterans Exemptions                                
  • Enterprise Corridor Zone Exemptions             
  • Manufacturing & Machinery Exemptions
  • Local Real Estate Abatements
  • Blind Exemption
  • Commercial Truck Exemptions
  • Ambulatory Equipped Vehicle Exemption
  • Volunteer Firefighter Abatements
  • Local Option Farm Building Exemption
  • Motor Vehicle Exemptions
  • Totally Disabled Exemptions

All of the programs listed above have an application process with specific requirements and filing deadlines. For further information please contact the office. (860) 489-2222.